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Terrestrial orchid

As their name would indicate, terrestrial orchids are those that grow best on the ground; the most popular orchids commonly found in households around the world belong to the terrestrial orchid family.

The Roots

While the roots of terrestrial orchids grow beneath lightly packed soil, or other types of potting media, many varieties of this orchid are semi-terrestrial which means that they have both aerial growing roots and underground root. Cymbidium orchids are an excellent example of a semi-terrestrial orchid as they thrive in the loosely packed debris of decaying leaves and wood that is often located on the floors of forests. However, Cymbidium orchids can also grow incredibly well on the sides of trees and rocks.

Care And Popularity

Terrestrial types of orchids tend to be the more popular choice of orchids largely due to the relative ease of care involved with them. While all orchids do require a fair bit of general care to ensure their optimal health, terrestrial orchids require slightly less specialised treatment than their epiphyte counterparts do.

Growing In Your Home

When you are growing a terrestrial orchid in your home it is important that you ensure that your orchid receives the correct amount of daily light that it requires. Your orchid’s roots should be loosely covered by a specialised orchid potting mix that will allow for a good amount of air circulation and moisture retention.



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