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Cymbidium Little Black Sambo Black Magic

Cymbidium Little Black Sambo Black Magic, in common called Cymbidium Black Magic, is a cross-breading between Cymbidium canaliculatum and Cymbidium madidum with very dark maroon blooms. Cymbidium Black Magic, what a name for a beautiful orchid, but it shows us the desire for the “black orchid”. Over the centuries orchid collectors been hunting all around the world for the mysterious black orchid. As we know, it hasn´t been found yet, so orchid breaders try their best to produce an orchid clone with black flowers.

Colour: Black

Flowering Time:  Late Season (October/November)

Flower Size: 40-50mm

Spike Habit: Cascading

Flower Count: Expect 30+ flowers per spike once plant reaches a size of 2-3 bulbs and 60+ Flowers once it reaches 4-5 bulbs

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