Ghost Orchid

This is probably one of the most common questions that many enthusiasts ask because they want to know what they look like just in case they happen to spot one. What makes them so beautiful is the shape of the flower and the uniqueness of the stem and roots. These plants first start off with just two leaves like most other flowers, but once they begin to mature they quickly shed these leaves and are only supported by the roots which use photosynthesis to support the flower. They are very noticeable because the roots are very green and are usually grown on the base of trees. These are some of the different places where you can search for ghost orchids if you happen to be in their natural habitat.

Orchids are commonly known to grow and flourish in rain forests, protected by enormous trees. However, with deforestation happening worldwide due to urbanization, these flowering beauties are losing their natural habitats. Sure, they can be relocated and cultivated elsewhere, orchids after all are adaptable, but they need certain environmental conditions to survive. Like many other living organisms, many rare orchids are now facing extinction.

Color is often an indicator of an exotic orchid. The rarest species often have the most unusual coloration. The Phal Amboinensis flava, one of the rarest orchids on earth, is albino and has a very long stem and no pigmentation whatsoever. The rare Red Orchid, or Red Moon Orchid, or Phalaenopsis corningiana Is one of the rarest orchids in existence. It is known for it’s red striped flowers.

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One thought on “Ghost Orchid

  1. Ghost orchid, the name is so frightening, but the flower is so beautiful ^^

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